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We will perform a thorough inspection of the structure and all primary systems to include, the roof, exterior, windows, crawl spaces, attic, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and interior as detailed in InterNACHI standards of practice (SOP) and as adopted by Gumshoe Inspections. A copy of these standards will be provided to all clients prior to inspection.  

Home Systems
Home Systems

building envelope

The building envelope is the broad term for the collection of components and systems that enclose the structure as a barrier to the the outside elements and add strength to the structure by the manor in which they are assembled.

The building envelope must be able to act as a barrier to water and moisture intrusion, yet allow for vapor to pass through it and allow for what moisture that does get in to escape while maintaining the integrity and strength of the structure. 

building support and foundation

This is the portion of the structure that supports its weight and transfers that load to the earth below the structure and consists of the footing, the foundation and sometimes enclose basements and crawl spaces.  

This system must be protected from damage as it critical to the support of the structure. Improper drainage is a common problem that can cause significant damage to the structure or even compromise its safety. 

Building Utilities

The building utilities include HVAC, plumbing and electrical. While they primarily provide comfort and significantly improve our quality of life they are also essential as they help to protect the structure and its occupants by providing for environmental and safety controls.   

Any utilities that are not functioning or in need of repair can be dangerous to occupants and result in damage to the structure due to fire, water damage or worse.

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